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Automotive UNECE Approval

Vehicle Homologation, Homologation of vehicle components and systems

Kanifnath Enterprises provides international vehicle homologation consultancy services. With the experience of its inspectors, our team is able to carry out inspections for vehicle homologation, with the consequent release of the Inspection Report, as regards all the ECE Regulations. As the designated Technical Service and as Inspection Body, we carry out inspections on the test activities carried out directly at the manufacturer’s or third-party laboratory installations, for the release of the final inspection report and the subsequent UN ECE  certificate issued by the Authority, that complies with Automotive UNECE Approval, for the following types of approvals:

  • Vehicles cat. M, N, O Approval and control of the production of motor vehicles and their trailers, as well as of the systems, components and separate technical units intended for these vehicles, according to the reference framework regulations (UN ECE): Directive 2007/46 / EC (European Commission) and EU (European Union homologation services) Regulation 2018 / 858 and subsequent amendments and additions.
  • Vehicles cat. L Approval and production control of vehicle homologation – two or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles, according to EU  (European Union homologation services) Regulation no. 168/2013 and on delegated acts.
  • Vehicles cat. T, C, R, S Approval and control of the production of agricultural and forestry vehicles according to EU Regulation no. 167/2013 and its delegated acts.
  • NRMM non-road engines Approval and production control of non-road engines (Non-Road Mobile Machinery).
  • Individual homologations Vehicle Homologation in single copy, according to the reference standards (UNECE vehicle certification): Art. 24 Directive 2007/46 / CE and Chapter IX of the EU (European Union homologation)  Regulation 2018/858.
  • Homologation of components, systems and independent technical units Homologation of components, systems and independent technical units, according to CE (Conformitè Europëenne) / UE and ECE (ECE automotive standards & regulations (of the Economic Commission for Europe) for Automotive UNECE vehicle certification Approval.

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Initial evaluation and production process IA 

In initial evaluation inspectors, carry out inspections, with the consequent release of the Inspection Report, as regards all the ECE Regulations. Also  carry out IA Initial Assessment inspections to verify that there are provisions and procedures that are considered suitable to guarantee the effective control of conformity to the approved type of components, systems, separate technical units or vehicles in production, aimed at the application for Automotive UNECE Approval.

Periodic evaluation and control of the CoP production process

COP periodic inspection are carried out to ensure and agree with the manufacturer, that the provisions and procedures are adequate and the control plans are documented, so that the tests and checks necessary to verify the continuity of compliance are carried out at set intervals to the “Product Conformity” approved type.

Periodic inspection of the CoP product

Following the approval issued by the Authority, our team verifies at any time the European Conformity of Production (COP) tests and methods applied at the individual production plants. We also verify the constant effectiveness of the procedure established in the Initial Evaluation and in the Periodic Control. The frequency of the verifications allows to guarantee that the controls carried out for European Conformity of Production (COP) tests are in compliance with the Initial Evaluation and the Evaluations and Periodic Checks, are examined for a period compatible with the climate of trust. established by the competent Authority.

During Automotive UNECE Approval consultancy services, Kanifnath Enterprises   inspectors will be able to take samples randomly to be subjected to laboratory tests or tests provided for in the reference standard of the approval obtained by the manufacturer. If the results are not considered satisfactory in terms of European Conformity of Production (COP) tests, they will be communicated to the Authority for the subsequent withdrawal of the approval.


International vehicle homologation service, Vehicle Homologation (EU Homologation)

Kanifnath Enterprises is a Technical Service currently designated by the Homologation Authority of the Republic of San Marino, is able to carry out european homologation inspections on tests according to the main regulations applied in the Automotive sector through the vast international network of inspectors for vehicle homologation purpose.

Kanifnath Enterprises being vehicle homologation consultant, is able to carry out european homologation inspections, with the consequent release of the Inspection Report, as regards all the ECE Homologation Regulations. It will therefore be up to the Authority to complete the process, with the issue of the Certificate of Approval.

KE  has several laboratories, internal or third parties, recognized by the Technical Service itself, for the purpose of carrying out european homologation inspections for vehicle homologation on a global scale.

Other Standards

Kanifnath Enterprises also carries out inspections according to various International Standards, in compliance with the ISO/IEC 17020: 2012 standard, such as:

  • ARAI – Automotive Research Association of India – India
  • ADR – Australian Design Rules – Australia
  • GB standards for China (CCC Mark)
  • GOST for Russia
  • TRIAS for japan
  • VSCC- Vehicle Safety Certification Center – Taiwan, VSTD for Taiwan.
  • TISI – Thai Industrial Standards Institute -Thailand
  • INMETRO – National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality – Brazil
  • UN ECE European Homologation (EU Homologation)homologationVehicle Homologation

EU Homologation certification in india

Navigating the requirements for EU Homologation certification in India can be a complex process. At Kanifnath Enterprises , we simplify this journey, assisting businesses in obtaining the necessary certification to access the European market seamlessly.

Our Expertise in EU Homologation Certification

Our experienced professionals understand the intricacies of EU Homologation certification. We guide you through the entire certification process, ensuring that your product aligns with European standards. From initial assessment to final approval, we’re committed to making your product market-ready in Europe.

Obtaining EU Homologation certification provides a competitive edge, enabling market access to the vast European consumer base. It attests to the quality and safety of your product, instilling confidence in consumers and giving your product a strong foothold in the European market.

GB standards for China (CCC Mark)

The China Compulsory Certification (CCC)  audit is similar to European CE certification system – but has its own requirements for the Chinese market. Automotive vehicle manufacturers and suppliers can only sell their products in China, ECE Automotive Vehicle Regulations after the CCC certification has been

Our experts perform factory audit inspection to ensure that your facilities meet the CCC requirements.

Vehicle Homologation, European Conformity of Production

The European Conformity of Production (COP) is applicable to entire Quality Management System (QMS) and ensures production of series of products with a constant quality in conformity with the specification defined in the type approval documentation foe UN ECE European Homologation (EU homologation), ECE Automotive Vehicle Regulations, Homologation service for EU market, Vehicle Homologation & Certification Consultants in India.


INMETRO is Brazil’s National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology. INMETRO regulations govern the import of automotive /  vehicle products in Brazil by ensuring a minimum standard of quality and safety.

Our specialist’s perform factory audit inspections to ensure that your facilities meet the INMETRO requirements.

ARAI Audits

ARAI  is India’s premier Automotive R&D, testing and certification organization.

The Role of ARAI Homologation Consultancy

ARAI Homologation Consultancy is an essential service that facilitates compliance with the regulations set by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). This esteemed organization sets rigorous standards to ensure the safety, efficiency, and environmental compatibility of vehicles and automotive components. ARAI Homologation Consultants possess the expertise needed to guide manufacturers and developers through the intricate process of compliance. They help in navigating the various stages of homologation, including testing, documentation, and liaising with regulatory bodies, ultimately ensuring that the product aligns with the stringent ARAI standards.

Choosing the Right ARAI Homologation Consultancy

Selecting the appropriate ARAI Homologation Consultancy is a pivotal step for businesses aiming for compliance in the Indian automotive market. It’s imperative to choose consultants with a strong understanding of ARAI regulations and vast experience in dealing with compliance procedures. A reliable consultancy will not only ensure compliance but also provide valuable recommendations to enhance the product’s performance and market competitiveness.

Kanifnath Enterprises as a certification agency provide ARAI homologation Consultancy and help you with inspection and certification services for export homologation. Our auditors work with you and ARAI homologation consulting and offer testing and homologation solutions to Indian and International automotive industry, thus simplifying international homologation process.

Our services help in exports of vehicles and vehicle parts by ensuring all the aspects of testing and certification are as per International standards like EEC / ECE homologation / EU . We offer comprehensive certification and ECE homologation services for EU Market all automotive vehicles, systems, and components. We also assists the vehicle manufacturers for export homologation service for EU market activities.

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UNECE Vehicle Regulation Certification

Kanifnath Enterprises is a leading provider of automotive engineering, testing, and certification services, including UNECE vehicle regulation certification. UNECE stands for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, which has established a set of regulations for the type approval of vehicles in member countries. These regulations cover a wide range of aspects related to vehicle safety, emissions, and performance.

Our team of experts can help you navigate the complex UNECE certification process and ensure that your vehicles meet all the necessary requirements for type approval. We offer a wide range of services, including testing and analysis of vehicle components and systems, documentation and paperwork support, and coordination with regulatory agencies.

Our UNECE certification services cover all aspects of vehicle design and performance, including safety, emissions, and energy efficiency. We can help you ensure compliance with the latest UNECE standards, as well as any additional requirements that may apply to your specific vehicle type and intended use.

With our automotive engineering and testing expertise, we can help you design and test vehicles that meet or exceed UNECE regulations, and prepare the necessary documentation and paperwork for certification. We can also assist with post-certification testing and compliance monitoring to help you stay up-to-date with evolving regulations and standards.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction means that we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and challenges, and tailor our services to meet their specific requirements. Whether you need help with UNECE certification for passenger cars, trucks, buses, or other types of vehicles, we have the experience and expertise to ensure a successful outcome.

Contact us today to learn more about our UNECE vehicle regulation certification services, and how we can help you ensure compliance with the latest regulations and standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

The UNECE Vehicle Regulation Certification ensures that vehicles meet safety, environmental, and technical standards set by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The certification is required for vehicles to be sold in countries that have adopted UNECE regulations.

Vehicle manufacturers, importers, and distributors who wish to sell their vehicles in countries that have adopted UNECE regulations need to obtain UNECE Vehicle Regulation Certification.

Kanifnath Enterprises can provide UNECE Vehicle Regulation Certification for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and tractors.

ARAI Homologation Consultants offer expertise in ARAI regulations, helping manufacturers navigate the compliance process efficiently. They assist in preparing documentation and coordinating testing, expediting the compliance journey.

The time required to obtain UNECE Vehicle Regulation Certification with Kanifnath Enterprises varies depending on several factors, including the type of vehicle and the complexity of the certification process. The company can provide an estimated timeline for each project.

Yes, Kanifnath Enterprises provides a range of services related to vehicle regulations, including homologation, compliance testing, and certification for other global standards and regulations.

Kanifnath Enterprises has been providing UNECE Vehicle Regulation Certification services for several years and has a team of experts with extensive experience in this area.

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