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Kanifnath Enterprises ATP TEST STATIONS

Kanifnath ATP Test Stations offers comprehensive certification and homologation services for a wide range of automotive vehicles, systems and components. Kanifnath Enterprises also assists car manufacturers in export approval activities.  Kanifnath enterprises is recognized by the international certification for conducting tests according to their standards and regulations. We are also involved in creating a comprehensive infrastructure and facilities to test, certify and develop electric and hybrid vehicles. We assist in formulating standards for the automotive industry and harmonizing regulations. We are known for ATP Competent Authorities and Testing Stations andATP TEST STATIONS.

The history reveals that since 2017, the Republic of San Marino has joined the “Agreement on the international transport of dangerous goods by road”, commonly referred to as ADR = Accord Dangerous Goods. Vehicles Testing & Certification Kanifnath Enterprises as a technical service, is designated by the San Marino Authority on ADR, moreover Kanifnath Enterprises is also recognized by the UNECE as an Authority on ADR. The ADR Agreement aims to harmonize the safety rules relating to the international transport of dangerous goods by road and is mutually recognized by the contracting countries that have signed it. The agreement was signed in Geneva on 30 September 1957 and entered into force on 29 January 1968. Contact us for ATP Competent Authorities and Testing Stations and ATP TEST STATIONS.

Why Kanifnath Enterprises for ATP Competent Authorities and Testing Stations and ATP TEST STATIONS?

We enable customers to become high-performing businesses and build lasting relationships. Provide an exceptional service. We value each client’s contributions and foster a trusting, open and inclusive environment that reflects our values. We maintain integrity, Ethical, honest and inspiring trust in teams by saying what we mean and taking responsibility for everything we do. We are best in the industry providing the best possible solution to our valued client over 44 years of experience in the automotive industry.ATP Test Stations

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