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Electrical Vehicles and Component

International Certifications For Electric Vehicles (EV)

European Union (EU) / UN ECE / ECE approval requirements for electric vehicles, systems and components. consists of various parameters like design, environmental effects, functional safety, electrical and general safety. Hence, inspection, testing and certifying the conformity of technical standards is mandatory for all electrical car manufacturers and these also is mandatory for all automobiles vehicles, safety components, systems and technical units exported to European Union (EU) member states.

KE is offering the most advanced inspection, testing and certification technology. Due to the extensive experience and expertise in automotive testing and certification, we can work with electric automobile manufacturers and OEM achieve their objective to export electric automotive / vehicles to European Union / UN ECE / ECE / EC.

Our experts will help you to know the special features of all whole vehicles type-approval and  certification and assist you in european electric vehicle homologation.
In addition to type-approval and certification services for vehicles and components according to European Union Directives, we provide our services in accordance with UN ECE / EU / EC regulations, and other international regulations and standards. You can trust our expertise with electric automobile – cars – inspection, approval, certification and all safety requirements & with E-mark / e-mark certification ECE-R100, electric safety requirements, as well as EMC testing (ECE-R10)

Electrical Vehicles (EV) Homologation and  Type Approval Services

Homologation refers to the approvals required for electrical vehicles to ensure the vehicles meet the official standards set by concerned regulatory bodies like UN ECE / ECE / EU / EC. The standards aim to improve vehicle safety, keep their environmental impacts and assess the quality of spares & parts as well as the manufacturing process. The process of testing and certification for conformance to technical standards is known as type approval.

Highlights of our service

  • We provide an objective certification that your electric vehicle meets the necessary type-approval requirements.
  • We provide both vehicle type-approval services  and EV (electrical vehicles) homologation services.
  • Entire range of services for electrical vehicles testing and certification throughout the entire process chain from electrical vehicles certification to international homologation.
  • Extensive expertise in technical inspections accumulated over 44 years
EV Homologation

e-mark and E-mark Homologation/ Automotive component emark certification

Our experts can guide you on both e-mark and E-mark homologation/ automotive component emark certification – European small series type approval process, ensuring that your EV (electric vehicles) complies with the relevant standards and regulations – UN ECE / ECE / EU / EC.

We provide automotive homologation type approval service and help meet standards and legal requirements of the following:

  • European Community (EC)
  • Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)
  • e-mark homologation – legislation that applies to members of the European Union (EU)
  • E-mark homologation – legislation applying to European Union as well as Asia and Australia (1958 UNECE Agreement)

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