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Electrical Vehicles and Component

Electric Vehicle Homologation – ECE Homologation

European Union (EU) / UN ECE / ECE approval requirements for electric vehicle (ev) homologation, Electric Vehicle and Component certification consultants systems and components consists of various parameters like design, environmental effects, functional safety, electrical and general safety. Hence, inspection, testing and certifying the conformity of technical standards is mandatory for all electrical car manufacturers and these also is mandatory for all automobiles vehicles, safety components, systems and technical units exported to European Union (EU) Homologation Services, EU-type approval system for L-category vehicles member states.

Kanifnath Enterprises offers the most advanced inspection, testing and certification technology for electric vehicle (ev) homologation. Due to the extensive experience and expertise in automotive testing and certification, we can work with electric automobile manufacturers and OEM achieve their objective to export electric automotive / vehicles to European Union / UN ECE / EU / ECE approval regulations homologation services.

Our experts will help you to know the special features of all EU whole vehicles type approval and  certification and assist you in European electric vehicle homologation. In addition to type-approval certification services for vehicles and components according to European Union (EU) Electric Vehicle Homologation Services Directives, we provide our services in accordance with UN ECE / EU / ECE regulations homologation services, and other international regulations and standards. You can trust our expertise with electric automobile – cars – inspection, approval, certification and all safety requirements & with E-mark / e-mark certification ECE-R100, electric safety requirements, as well as EMC testing (ECE-R10)

Electric Vehicle Homologation and EV Whole Vehicle Type Approval Certificate

Homologation refers to the approvals required for electric vehicle homologation  to ensure the vehicles meet the official standards set by concerned regulatory bodies like UN ECE / ECE  approval/ EU / EC. The standards aim to improve vehicle safety, keep their environmental impacts and assess the quality of spares & parts as well as the manufacturing process. The process of testing and certification for conformance to technical standards is known as type approval or EV whole vehicle type approval.

Highlights of our service

  • We provide an objective certification that your electric vehicle meets the necessary ev whole vehicle type approval requirements.
  • We provide both whole vehicle type approval certificate and EV (electric vehicles) homologation services.
  • Entire range of services for electrical vehicles testing and certification throughout the entire process chain from electrical vehicles certification to international homologation.
  • Extensive expertise in technical inspections accumulated over 44 years
  • EU-type approval system for L-category vehicles

We provide automotive homologation whole vehicle type approval service and help meet standards and legal requirements

E-mark Homologation, Automotive component emark certification

Our experts can guide you on both e-mark certification and E-mark homologation, automotive component emark certification – European small series type approval process, ensuring that your EV (electric vehicles) complies with the relevant standards and regulations – /EC/UN ECE / ECE approval / EU regulations homologation services.

We provide automotive homologation whole vehicle type approval service and help meet standards and legal requirements of the following:

  • European Community (EC)
  • Economic Commission for Europe approval (ECE)
  • e-mark homologation – legislation that applies to members of the European Union (EU) Homologation Services
  • E-mark homologation – legislation applying to European Union as well as Asia and Australia (1958 UNECE Agreement)

CE Mark Certification

CE Mark Certification, E-mark certification or e-mark certification is a marking with which the manufacturer or importer of vehicle affirms that the vehicle meets European health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). It is not a quality indicator or a certification mark. It is required for products manufactured anywhere in the world that are then marketed in the EU. 

Difference between e-mark, E-mark and CE mark
  • The e-mark is an EU mark for approved vehicles and vehicle components sold into the EU. It is a type approval mark given by a certifying authority.
  • The E-mark is a United Nations mark for approved vehicles and vehicle components sold into the EU. And in some other countries under UN-ECE Regulation 10.
  • CE mark certification is the product manufacturer’s claim that a product meets the essential requirements of all relevant European directives or regulations.
    The CE mark means that the manufacturer takes responsibility for the compliance of a product with all applicable European health, safety, performance and environmental requirements. CE stands for “Conformité Européenne”, the French for European conformity.

E-Mobility Testing services for Plugs, cables and wiring (HV)

Electric Vehicles, E-mobility Testing and certification services
At Kanifnath Enterprises we offer testing and certification for electric vehicles and the related charging infrastructure technology. Our e-mobility services – consulting, testing, homologation and certification, Homologation for vehicles components and systems help you comply with regulations. 

E-Mobility Testing services include:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Charging stations (AC, DC, up to 360 kW)
  • Plugs, cables and wiring (HV)
  • Battery cells, modules
  • Battery management systems
  • Electronic control units (ECU)
  • Electric vehicle components, including tires, hoses, and more. 

E-Homologation Services

  • e-Homologation services include – 
  • Homologation support
  • Homologation management
  • Homologation consulting
  • Tests and test reports
  • Homologation – EC/ECE


Vehicle Testing Consultancy Services 

We offer consultancy services for –
  • Endurance and Driving Dynamics Testing
  • Passive safety systems testing
  • Noise and Exhaust Emissions Testing
  • e Mobility Infrastructure
  • Battery Safety Testing
  • Electrical Safety Testing
  • Electronics Testing
  • ECE Vehicle Certification
  • Automotive Crash Testing
Development & Benchmarking Testing (including Crash Testing)
  • Automated and connected vehicle testing
  • Electric vehicle components, including tires, hoses, General lighting, headlamps, instrumentation and controls, crashworthiness, environmental compatibility, tyres (materials and whole vehicle) testing

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Automotive Crash Testing

Both in our laboratories and on the road, our testing experts design the exact methodologies needed to test products, based on exact customer specifications.

Our development and benchmarking testing (including crash testing) for manufacturers and system suppliers covers the comprehensive testing and assessments of the passive safety of all motor vehicles.

The benefits of Development & Benchmarking Testing (including Crash Testing)

  • Comprehensive and detailed crash testing for all vehicle types
  • All crash tests in accordance with relevant international and national regulations
  • Accurately determine the deformation behavior and safety of vehicles
  • Measure the potential impact of crashes on a vehicle’s occupants
  • Electric Vehicle and Component certification consultants
  • Homologation for vehicles components and systems

Our Services

  • Automotive UNECE Approval
  • UNECE Certification
  • UNECE Inspection
  • International Automotive Homologation
  • Automotive Engineering Service
  • STA Approval Consultancy Services
  • Electrical Vehicles and Component

Electric vehicle and Components Certification Consultants

Electric vehicle and components certification consultants are professionals or consulting firms specializing in assisting manufacturers, developers, or stakeholders in the electric vehicle (EV) industry with the complex process of obtaining certifications and approvals for their products. These consultants possess expertise in the regulatory frameworks, standards, and testing requirements specific to electric vehicles and their various components.

Their services typically include:

Regulatory Compliance Assessment:
Consultants analyze and interpret the applicable laws, regulations, and standards related to electric vehicles and their components to determine the compliance requirements.

Certification Strategy Development:
Consultants develop a strategic plan outlining the necessary steps and actions required to achieve the certifications and approvals needed for electric vehicles and components.

Testing and Verification Assistance:
Consultants assist in organizing and coordinating the required tests and verifications to ensure that electric vehicle components meet the specified regulatory and performance standards.

Documentation Support:
Consultants help in preparing the necessary documentation and reports required for certification, including technical specifications, test results, and compliance reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Homologation is the process of certifying that a vehicle meets all the necessary safety, environmental, and technical requirements for a particular market.

Homologation is important for electric vehicles because it ensures that the vehicle meets safety, environmental, and technical requirements for the market it is intended for. Without homologation, the vehicle may not be legal to sell or operate in certain markets.

Kanifnath Enterprises provides homologation and testing services for all types of electric vehicles, including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers.

Kanifnath Enterprises performs a range of tests, including electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, environmental testing, and functional safety testing. These tests ensure that electronic systems in the vehicle are safe and reliable under different conditions and environments.

While Kanifnath Enterprises primarily provides homologation services for the Indian market, they may be able to provide guidance and support for certification in other markets as well. It's best to contact them directly to discuss your specific needs.

The safety and technical requirements that electric vehicles need to meet for homologation can vary depending on the market, but generally include things like crash safety standards, emissions regulations, and compliance with technical standards for things like lighting, braking, and steering.

The cost of homologation and electronic automotive testing services can vary depending on the type of vehicle and the specific requirements for the market.

The documentation required for homologation of electric vehicles can vary depending on the market, but generally includes things like technical specifications, test reports, and compliance certificates.

Electric vehicle and components certifications are typically issued by accredited regulatory bodies, certification agencies, or authorized organizations specializing in automotive and electrical standards compliance.

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