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STA Approval Consultancy

STA Approval

A solid and dynamic reality made up of experts with many years of experience in automotive inspections and is headquartered in the Pune.

With the STA approval consultancy is able to carry out inspections on complete vehicles, components and systems, and in other sectors, in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020:2012.

STA Approval Consultancy

Type Approval Certifications 

The Type Approval Certifications can be issued, through the Authorities, only after tests and inspections of the product. It has to comply with the respective regulations. Obtain the type approval certification is necessary for manufacturer, in order to be able to mass produce its products.

Our organization has all the knowledge and tools necessary to carry out tests and inspections, draw up test reports and perform all the checks and evaluations regarding compliance with the technical-regulatory requirements and to assist the manufacturer at every stage of the approval procedure. Thanks to the flexibility and possibilities is becoming a point of reference in the automotive sector.

Issuance Of “Type Approval Certifications (Tac)” And “Conformity Of Production (Cop) Certificate”

Homologation  for components and vehicle type-approval – We provide both National or international type-approval certification. We perform the specified tests for automotive homologation and supply technical and administrative documents to the authorities for obtaining vehicle homologation certificates.

Regulatory tests for approval of different categories of vehicles like (M, N, O, L, T)

  • Vehicles and  Homologation for components  testing
  • Testing at the ISO 17025 accredited site
  • Working with clients in house team during testing at customers’ sites
  • Conformity of Production (CoP)
  • Verification of the conformity of production in the case of “e2” and “E2”
  • Audit on customer’s sites

Conformity of Production (CoP)

  • Verification of the conformity of production in the case of “e2” and “E2”
  • Audit on customer’s sites

Tractors Homologation

Homologation Solution For Tractor

Our expert team provides UNECE / ECE / EU  tractors homologation services and supports in all phases of the product design and development cycle – from conception to production. Our team also helps in preparing all documents required by approval and certification authorities for the tractors homologation process and ECE type approval process.

tractor homologation

Type-approval process for tractor vehicles, technical units, systems and components

UNECE / ECE / EU Type-approval process for tractors homologation  vehicles, technical units, systems and components

Our team guides you in all the processes related to type approval

  • Consultation related to standards, legal requirements, all other criteria
  • Working with authorities on behalf of client for certification purpose
  • Working with accredited facilities example testing facilities during certification testing, homologation relevant tests
  • Review and guidance on concepts, drawings, and other legally relevant documentation
  • Assisting in UNCEC type approval document
  • Working with all concerned authorities for certification and approval
  • Assisting in EU Type approval

Whole Vehicle Type Approval Certificate

 Whole vehicle type approval (WVTA ) ensures that while manufacturing certain frame work directives, standards, requirements are being followed for each kind of vehicle and the vehicle complies with motor vehicle regulations. These directives also include reference directives for individual components, systems, sub systems & separate technical unit. Our professional & experienced audit team will understand your requirements, provide you custom solution as required and hand hold you through the homologation process. We work on end to end process and also guide you through the administrative requirements to help you obtain the necessary approvals. Manufacturers apply type approval of vehicle markings like – ‘e’ or ‘E’ marks to the vehicles. In case of EU Whole Vehicle Type Approval scheme (WVTA), a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) is issued by the manufacturer, while for UN International Whole Vehicle Type Approval (IWVTA) a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) is issued.


EU-Type Approval System for L-category vehicles

EU type-approval consultant services , European type approval services
We provide EU type approval consultancy services for various categories of vehicles. 
EU-type approval services for L-category vehicles – Mopeds, Motorcycles, Motor Tricycles and Quadricycles
EU-type approval system for M-category vehicles – Motor vehicles having at least four wheels and for the carriage of passengers. 
EU-type approval system for N-category vehicles -Power-driven vehicles having at least four wheels and for the carriage of goods

International Type Approval Services

International Type Approval is nowadays mandatory for manufacturers and importers of automobiles. This guarantee that the new imported products are in compliance with national requirements. The International Type Approval process differs in its complexity and duration from country to country and from product to product.
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