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UNECE Inspection

UN ECE Inspection & Certification

Kanifnath Enterprises India Pvt Ltd , following what was approved by the sector accreditation certification and UN ECE Inspection committee, obtained ISO/IEC 17020: 2012 accreditation, in the ISP system, as type Inspection Body. This inspection body carries out exclusively conformity of production (COP) Tests assessment activities and is therefore a third party body.

The inspection body must ensure that all inspections are carried out with impartiality, independence and competence.

With this accreditation Kanifnath Enterprises is able to carry out inspections on vehicles and their trailers, components, systems and independent technical units. Furthermore KE can carry out conformity of production (COP) tests assessments of the elements subjected to inspection. categories of products, processes and services.

UN ECE-Inspection

Understanding the Significance of Conformity of Production (COP) Tests

Conformity of Production (COP) Tests holds immense importance in product manufacturing and quality assurance. These tests validate that the production processes and outputs consistently align with established standards and regulations, ensuring uniformity and reliability of the end products.

Strengthening Consumer Confidence through Conformity of Production (COP) Tests

Choosing to undergo COP Tests showcases a commitment to product excellence and consumer satisfaction. With each product meeting the defined quality criteria, consumers can trust the brand for delivering consistent quality. This trust builds a strong customer base, enhancing the brand’s reputation and fostering sustained success.

UN ECE Inspection & Certification for Automotive Vehicles

We provide services for Technical Inspection Certificate for automotive vehicle for UNECE approval The registration procedure of EU countries requires the approval of the vehicle and its components as per the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations, (UNECE).  We also  carry out conformity of production (CoP) clearance testing and inspection. Particularly for manufacturers outside of the EU, this helps reduce the costs of homologation, Vehicle Performance Consultancy & EC whole vehicle type approval .

Are Looking for UN ECE Inspection & Certification for Automotive Vehicles?

Why Electric and Electronic Automotive Components Testing is Important?

Electric and electronic automotive components testing is of paramount importance due to several critical reasons, underlining the significance of ensuring the quality, reliability, and safety of these components:

Safety Assurance:
Electric and electronic components are integral to the safety systems of modern vehicles. Testing ensures that these components function as intended, contributing to the overall safety of the vehicle and its occupants. Malfunctions or failures in critical components can lead to accidents or hazardous situations.

Performance Optimization:
Thorough testing helps optimize the performance of electric and electronic components, ensuring they meet or exceed desired specifications. This includes efficiency, power output, range, and other performance parameters. Well-functioning components enhance the overall efficiency and performance of the vehicle.

Reliability and Durability:
Automotive components, especially those in electric vehicles, need to endure various conditions and extensive usage over the vehicle’s lifespan. Testing ensures the reliability and durability of these components, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and ensuring a longer service life.

Electric and Electronic Automotive Components Testing

 Domestic manufacturers who would like to export automobile components around the world require release/approval from the engineering department of the overseas OEM. The overseas OEM’s lab can provide this type of release/approval. Even the  product can be tested in an independent, third-party testing facility approved by that OEM.
Our experts ensure the product tested in third-party testing lab are of highest quality & comply with European and Non European   standards for electric and electronic automotive components. 


  • Electric and Electronic Automotive Component  Testing
  • Climate testing
  • Vibration testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Electrical testing
  • Durability testing

EMC Testing

  • Electromagnetic testing
  • EMC test for automotive electric / electronic components.
  • EMC test for automotive electric / electronic component according to European and Non European (international) standards / regulations
  • Consultancy for Vehicle Performance Consultancy and automotive electric / electronic components
  • Homologation service for EU market and ECE market E-mark Homologation
  • EMC test for Electric motorcycle, Electric scooter, etc…
  • Electric and Electronic Automotive Components Testing

Our Services

  • Automotive UNECE Approval
  • UNECE Certification
  • UNECE Inspection
  • International Automotive Homologation
  • Automotive Engineering Service
  • STA Approval Consultancy Services
  • Electrical Vehicles and Component

UN ECE Inspection Regulation

This Regulation defines the general practices adopted by KE, hereinafter referred to as KE or UNECE Inspection Body, for the conduction of Inspection activities on vehicles, components and systems, as well as processes, products and services, in accordance with the applicable reference regulations.

KE makes the latest updated version of the Regulation available on its website at www.ats.sm, at its headquarters or at the request of the Applicant and sends a copy in electronic format.

The amendments and additions to the Regulation are managed by issuing successive revisions, in which the portions of text modified are highlighted with vertical lines next to it. The Regulation is an integral part of the contract signed between KE and the Applicant. KE always applies the latest revision issued and it is the Applicant’s responsibility to verify the issuance of any updates on the Inspection Body website and to adapt to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

A UNECE inspection certificate for automotive is an internationally recognized document that confirms the compliance of a vehicle with safety and environmental standards set by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

Any person or organization that wants to import or register a vehicle in a country that requires UNECE compliance will need to obtain a UNECE inspection certificate for automotive.

To obtain a UNECE inspection certificate for automotive, you will need to have your vehicle inspected by an authorized inspection agency that is accredited by the UNECE. The inspection agency will issue the certificate if your vehicle meets the required standards.

COP Tests are crucial to verify that the production procedures consistently meet the intended design, performance, and safety criteria. This ensures that the end products maintain a high level of quality and reliability.

Having a UNECE inspection certificate for automotive can help you avoid delays and additional costs associated with importing or registering a vehicle that does not meet the required standards. It can also ensure that your vehicle is safe and environmentally friendly.

The validity of a UNECE inspection certificate for automotive can vary depending on the country where you intend to import or register your vehicle. In some cases, the certificate may be valid for up to six months.

You will need to provide the necessary vehicle registration documents, proof of ownership, and any other relevant documents required by the inspection agency. Additionally, you may need to provide evidence of compliance with local laws and regulations.

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