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Everyone should be interested in this topic. It is not difficult to commit fraud by replacing parts of documents or altering documents. When legalizing documents for clients, use a number of means to prevent fraud and distinguish original documents from copies or counterfeits. For ORIGINALITY CONTROL (ATP/ADR/TYAPP), we recommend signing the documents in blue ink and filling in all the blanks. For ORIGINALITY CONTROL (ATP/ADR/TYAPP) we also recommend using headers and footers on every document and document page to make the page order, provenance, document title, and date very clear. If your document does not have this feature, hand number the document in blue ink at the bottom, using a “page 1 of 4” format. Each signature line must also have an input space for the signature date.

To authenticate and stamp the document, use a notarial stamp in black ink as required by law. Also use an embossed stamp which leaves an embossed impression on the page. This ensures that the original document is identified. This should be included under ORIGINALITY CONTROL plan. With today’s high-resolution colour copiers, it can be difficult to distinguish an original document from a copy. One thing you may be looking for is an indentation on the signature. Turn the document over and check if the signature print is visible. A photocopy has no notch. All this is can be covered under ORIGINALITY CONTROL plan. Official documents, such as birth certificates, have security features: thermal ink, microprinting, watermarks, intaglio, and fine colour transitions that can be used to identify copies if you know what to look for.

Kanifnath Enterprises has a team of expert Our professionals to guide you for verify the authenticity of a document. Authentication requires entering a key and password to verify the authenticity of the document. It is possible to verify the authenticity of:

type approval
Test report without ABE

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How to verify the originality of a document? 

For the Originality Control is required to enter a key and a password in order to verify the authenticity of the document.

It’s possible to verify the authenticity of:

  • Type-Approval
  • Test-Report without type-approval
  • ATP
  • ADR
  • Type – Approval: keytype-approval number – password= Project and Protocol Number
  • Test Report: chiave= test-report number – password= Project and Protocol Number
  • ATP: chiave= certicate number – password= job number
  • ADR: chiave= license number – password= birth date (dd/mm/yyyy)