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KE is aware of the importance of Management Systems in order to always better meet the needs of its customer and to gain more and more trust in the market. For these reasons it commits itself to carry out every activity according to criteria of objectivity, impartiality, UNECE Approval-Impartiality policy, professional rigor, honesty and rectitude towards all the interested parties.

KE responds to these commitments by assuming a policy of impartiality towards all customers and employees of the organization. This commitment is carried out through the preparation of an ethical code and with the implementation and management of the principles of:


KE can not disclose, without specific written authorization, information concerning activities and interests of customers, perceived during the fulfillment of the assignment. This information is covered by professional secrecy and as such is considered confidential both outside and inside the client company.


KE and its collaborators work professionally independently of the entities or companies with which they collaborate and guarantee the maximum objectivity and consistency, according to the objectives to be achieved, in full respect of the client and his needs.


The main objective of KE is the maximum customer satisfaction. Therefore the professionals who collaborate with KE have to possess the indispensable requisites in terms of personality, competence, seriousness, culture, professional preparation and objectivity, such as to guarantee the achievement of the objective.

KE and the respective collaborators have to possess high and updated professional skills. For this reason, UNECE Approval KE provides for the professional updating of collaborators through appropriate training interventions. Where the professional competence of its professionals is not sufficient or adequate for the work to be done, KE undertakes to collaborate with the client to find the most suitable professionals to perform the required work, or to refuse the job.

KE it also undertakes to carry out the services offered, in the manner and in the contractually agreed times UNECE Approval-Impartiality policy


KE imposes on its collaborators a fair behavior towards the other companies operating in the territory. In the event of an alternation in the offices, KE undertakes to provide any useful information to the company that receives the task, to ensure a constructive cooperation in the best interests of the client.


KE  respects a policy of impartiality through the assumption of a transparent behavior, providing the client with the widest possible information regarding the work required, the methods of supplying the services and the specific skills, so as to give the client the possibility to fulfill the best choice.

The customer has the opportunity to evaluate at any time the documentation regarding the procedures applied, the progress status of the work and the activities carried out, by recording, on special reports, all the activities and interlocutors present in each meeting .

The management of appeals and complaints will be handled by personnel who did not take part in the certification process concerning the current claim.


KE undertakes to ensure observance of the following internal rules during its activities:

The first visit made to the customer’s premises, to know and evaluate the company according to the subsequent issue of an offer, will never be paid for, as an integral part of our commercial policy.

The offer will never be ambiguous in performance and, above all, in price, but the maximum collaboration and transparency will be provided to the client to foresee possible repercussions and additional investments deriving from the assignment you entrust us.

If during the audi emerged additional costs or difficulties in applying such as to require a change to the original program, every organizational and economic change will be planned and agreed with the customer.

In case of delayed payment of an KE invoice will not resort to legal action, if the delay will be announced by the customer and linked to objective and objective reasons.

The adoption of these rules by all operators of KE is considered a necessary condition to standardize the activity of ATS to the essential harmonization criteria, in order to obtain national and international recognition of the activities carried out.

The above is aimed at recognizing KE at national and international level as a competent and trustworthy Inspection Body in the activities carried out.sa

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