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Remote Inspections and Audits.

Even in the current situation, our main objective is to provide the best possible service, while at the same time preserving the safety and greeting of all the subjects involved and for this reason ATS activates the possibility of carrying out remote inspections and audits.

The visit can be carried out both on platforms proposed by ATS and through platforms proposed by the customer.

ATS takes care of ascertaining the acceptability of the “remote” methodology with reference to regulatory requirements, applicable accreditations, and after verification with the end customer where contractually necessary.

The main advantage of the activities carried out remotely, in addition to not providing travel costs, allow a rapid selection of the resource without necessarily having to consider the same geographical constraints important for an on-site activity.

The services that can be performed remotely are the following:

  • Initial and / or periodic verification of the production process “IA / CoP”
  • Inspections in various areas, especially in the Automotive sector, including what is established by the ECE Regulations and by various other Regulations and Standards
  • All other services visible on our website www.ats.sm.

With this procedure ATS maintains the quality standard in carrying out inspections and audits quickly.

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